Jaime Buckley

A personal journal.


The fallacy of failure

You tried with all your might, gave it all you had and still you fell flat on your face. Now you kick yourself for the failure. You’re worthless. You knew it wouldn’t work. The Nay-Sayers were right.   No they weren’t. ¬†You were meant to fall.   One of the short comings of our human [...]

Social Media Suckers

How far are we going to take social media? Is it just me, or has Facebook become ‘In-Yer-Facebook’? There are so many platforms competing for our attention, I can’t say I know how to enjoy myself anymore. Something that I thought was supposed to make my life better, more connected and convenient–now feels like a [...]

Prelude to a Hero Trailer!

For some reason, we never did a book trailer for Prelude to a Hero and it was overdue. I apologize for the wait, we did have technical difficulties with our Gnomes. Let me know what you think and by all means, join us on Facebook and let us know if you LIKE it…

Safe and Sound

We couldn’t have done this without help. The moving, the moving….did I mention the moving? Thank you all for the help you gave during this stressful moment in our lives. We are safe and sound within the home of my dearest friend, who welcomed us with open arms. That’s saying a lot when his lovely [...]

On to a new challenge

Thank you all for the lovely words, the kind offers and prayers. It’s helped a great deal, but it looks like the forces at work have other plans for this family and we are having to say goodbye to our home. We get to see what it’s like to sleep together in two bedrooms on [...]