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Race to Til-Thorin (COMPLETED)

I hope I never have to go through such an ordeal again…but I’m glad it happened. Race to Til-Thorin has been completed…twice. That’s right, the second book in the Chronicles of a Hero series was written TWO TIMES, IN IT’S ENTIRETY. So though the last page in Prelude that says “coming in fall 2011″ wasn’t [...]

Prelude to a Hero Trailer!

For some reason, we never did a book trailer for Prelude to a Hero and it was overdue. I apologize for the wait, we did have technical difficulties with our Gnomes. Let me know what you think and by all means, join us on Facebook and let us know if you LIKE it…

Mapping the Future

When I go shopping with Kathilynn it’s usually so we can spend time talking alone about the story and what we want to do next as a family when it comes to Wanted Hero. It’s amusing to watch some of the looks the housewives give me when I get animated in the isles of grocery [...]

Hungry Minds Must Be Fed…

Just finished ordering the review copies of Prelude to a Hero in print, due Monday morning (hope that extra $20 for shipping is actually worth it). Then Kathilynn and I can sit down, separately, and mark up the copy–make sure it’s all pretty for you and printable. Looking forward to seeing the final, physical copy! [...]