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On Turning 42

I woke up and found I had turned 42…for the second year in a row. All last year Kathi and I were telling people I was 42 when in fact I was 41. Huh. I’m sitting here typing as my 1 year old Wynnie is dancing to ‘Adult Education’ by Hall & Oats. She smiles [...]


Dear Children, The world is filled with people who have different views than you do. Yes, you may know this, but it’s wise to stop and ponder this subject in depth. I promise you that a close examination will prevent many heartaches and help you understand yourself as well as those around you. Friends, family, [...]

Security: Associations

This is a touchy subject for me as a parent, because I feel it’s so important. Some will agree, some won’t and I have met many who simply don’t care. A child should have good associations. That means having friends that you approve of and have influence in such connections. Can you monitor everything? Not [...]