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On to a new challenge

Thank you all for the lovely words, the kind offers and prayers. It’s helped a great deal, but it looks like the forces at work have other plans for this family and we are having to say goodbye to our home. We get to see what it’s like to sleep together in two bedrooms on [...]

Working as a family

It’s been a while since I was able to make a post, mainly due to the stresses and rigors of everyday life–coupled with the deadlines (self-inflicted) to publish another book (or three) in the Wanted Hero series. The experiences we have been having are worth noting, because I have seen a tremendous change in my [...]

Recommended Reading- Buckley12.com

This has been fun talking with all of you. It’s come time to take my life up another notch and with that I decided to start a project with my family, including all the kids (even the little ones). We have decided to create and grow a family blog together. Something we can support and [...]

Walking in Faith

Kathilynn and I went to look at another home tonight, which doesn’t look like it will pan out.  That’s perfectly ok.  I know people are looking for the best in renters…not saying we’re bad, but with the past year we don’t have the credit or history most landlords are looking for.  So it does begin [...]

Survive Subtlety with Simplicity

All of us have ‘low’ moments in our lives. The times when you may feel that all is lost, or perhaps you have failed someone you love or care for deeply. It can be a damning experience if we aren’t careful, because it seems to be human nature to brand ourselves through a clouded filter [...]