Jaime Buckley

A personal journal.

The End of a Year

It’s been a very long year for me. Throughout 2013, I have seen a great deal of poverty, struggled to keep going amidst trying odds and pushed myself to double my efforts–including starting my daily work schedule at 3am. At the same time, I have grown closer to my family, to my God and seen [...]

The time to say goodbye

It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon and my older children have come home from church. My darling Leilani comes down to tell me that she was called on to speak to the congregation today. Her older brother, Evan, smirks at me, then adds, “Yeah–and had old women clapping and shouting “AMEN.” “What did you say to [...]

I not sure there’s a place in Heaven for someone like me.

It’s been on my mind a great deal of late and I have to admit, I’m feeling very low. No matter how I look at my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not sure the Heaven people talk about has a place for someone like me. 

A man’s word is sometimes just a man’s word.

You might be like me–not looking to gain riches or fame, though money is always nice to have. The goal is rather to provide for your family. To make enough that the necessities are taken care of and you’re able to pay your debts. That’s not asking too much, is it? But what happens when [...]

Sometimes you just get to sit it out.

A couple weeks ago I worked 16 hour average days. The goal? To free up the week of June 24th to complete my next book. I pushed and pushed and when the 24th came, small fires popped up all over which needed immediate attention. They didn’t get put out until Saturday of that week. No [...]