Jaime Buckley

A personal journal.

IndieReCon: Starts Today!

What is IndieReCon you ask? Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t know until about an hour ago. You see, with all the writing I’m trying to accomplish, I’ve kept my head close tot he paper and seem to miss quite a bit. It was only when I heard about a friend of mine [...]

My Beloved Sweetheart

Stay calm. Don’t try and figure out why your husband, after all these years of refusing to follow after the silly and often annoying traditions of the world, decided to do something for you on Valentine’s Day. Let’s just say that for once, I wanted to do something you wouldn’t expect on a day you [...]

Pushing is supposed to hurt.

Something odd has been happening to me. It’s been going on for a while–but I’ve been quiet, hoping to have it pass, or to overcome the effects. The problem is, the feeling and experience has only gotten stronger over time. A deep pull that scrapes at the heart and dulls the senses. It’s hard to [...]

Using Life’s Experiences for your Writing

This week could, without exaggeration, be deemed a hellish experience for me. You’ve probably had one as well–you try everything in your power to do what’s right: to be helpful, loving, kind…and in the end, you get whomped. You just can’t do anything right in another’s eyes. So what do we do? As for me, [...]

Interview with Carrie Cross

I had an opportunity to take a few minutes and talk with a wonderful author who has used her passions to empower a new generation of young readers in the time honored tradition of famous books like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys series. Her name is Carrie Cross and she is the clever author [...]